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I Will Go Reprise

for Latter-day Youth

At the end of the trek, they asked for a reprise of the original song. My sister and I decided that it should be tailored for Latter-day youth! This song can be sung anywhere or with one word change it can be for trek!

At the trek, it had to be sung a cappella. But those kids nailed it! So beautiful, either way!


HEAR THE SONG! - Note: This has minimal parts recorded in. Some alto, and at one point, 4 part harmony sung by myself. It was the only part I could reach all the notes. :D Only meant for you to hear some of the harmonies with accompaniment. 


Emma Grames, Katherine Eden, Bella Osmond, Sarah Oldroyd, Brigham Child, Eli Child, Matthew Gabbitas, Jackson Reid


Technical Genius: Preston Dixon

Closing musical number for Oak Hills Stake Book of Mormon Trek 2018!


Words by Tina Robertson and Marybeth Kroon Music by Marybeth Kroon

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