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Welcome to Kroonwarts(insert your name choice here) Piano Studio of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Sort your students into one of the 4 houses: HuffleNote, RavenClef, GriffinStaff or SlytheRhythm! And get ready for the most fun and enjoyable lesson season yet! 

This is any Piano Teachers dream bundle! It is a wizard themed package of fun learning that is sure to get your students engaged! It's good for a season of lessons! 

It has 25 theory worksheets all themed for the 8 different 'classes' which are: 

Defense Against Wrong Notes

Muggle Composer Studies

Musical Arithmancy

Owlery Notes

Piano Potions

Rockin' Astrology

Step Divination

Time Transfiguration

Each class has AT LEAST 2 theory worksheets, some have 4! Worksheets range from time signatures, rhythm, notes, composers and more! It also includes a music-marauders map with each class listed and a marker for each student to move from class to class as they complete their theory worksheets.

Also included are:

--2 games, Filch and Mrs Norris Step Race and Practice Piano Potions

--2 incentive challenges, Catch the Snitch and House Cup Competition, these last 4-6 months each, you decide! 

--Materials for House Sorting

--An Invitation Letter template

--A piano notebook themed cover

--A themed sticker/rewards page

--House Crests

--A School Crest

--Time Turners

--and more!

Over 60 pages of downloadable content! Also included, though not in the page count, is a detailed informational letter of how each item was used in my studio. So, it's easy peasy to put together! I also have an editable recital program that I will send via email after purchase that could not be uploaded here. Don't miss this full course of fun! 

Wizard Themed Piano Teacher Resource Bundle

  • This is downloadable content only that will be immediately available upon purchase. This saves time and money for both you and me. Multiple copies may be made for your own students only.

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