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What an evening!

Wow. What an evening! Alright, from the beginning...

End of February, I received a text from a friend. She asked if I would be willing to sing at her event in March, a patriotic something. I have a couple patriotic songs I've written, so not a whole lot of prep, so I answered, I'd love to! This was for a dinner of Republican Women and I thought it was a small little club. After a little research, I find that this is no little club. This is actually the Idaho Federation of Republican Women's annual dinner. Ooooookaaaaaayyyyy... a little more posh than I was expecting. Turns out this is quite a big gathering of 75 or more. The nerves start edging up a bit at this point. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited but nervous was definitely there too.

Well, the evening arrives! I show up with my husband and we try out the digital piano, mic, no lighting(yikes!!!) and find our seats. Because of the lack of lighting, I asked around and found some glasses to borrow... sigh, when did I get old??... and then continued to mingle. More and more people start showing up and my husband and I realize that many are prominent Republican politicians, Lt Gov, Atty General, etc. I'm not gonna lie, my heart beat was beginning to pound. I'm realizing a couple things. One, we're rubbing elbows with some pretty prominent people. Two, I have no business cards. And three, this is a much bigger opportunity than I realized! Pound. Pound. Pound.

The evening starts and I'm sitting right next to the guest speaker and his assistant, Nick Adams and Sadie Montanus. We prayed. We said the pledge. And then I was up. My friend, Kitty, is the President of this amazing group of women and she gave a bit of an intro as I got ready. She had each person who are serving(up went my incredible husband), have served or have had close family serve in the military. Almost the whole room was standing. She indicated this song is for them. About that moment, the mic stopped working, great. So I told them I would sing loud. I sat down, put on my borrowed, bright orange glasses, and sang my song. I felt a bit of a wobble in the middle of the song... the lyrics say, They fought in the jungles, they fight in the sand, for freedom in the land. They fight the fight, so the fight won't come home, and be put in our children's hands.' Now, I wrote this song before I met and married my husband. He has served in the middle east twice and this segment has special meaning to me now. So, of course, my dumb emotions start raging and I wobble, and then puuuuuuull myself back with 'focus on the music! Don't go flat! Focus on the music!' and on I went, finishing the song. Standing ovation, people! They gave me a standing ovation! I was so floored at the response! I bowed. I thanked them. I bowed again. Then went and sat down.

Is it over? Oh, no. The shocker happened after dinner. We ate, the guest speaker expressed his love of the song and my performance. A person could get a big head, I tell ya! After dinner, Mr. Adams begins his speech. What an awesome talk it was! I was thoroughly enjoying his remarks and learning about the organization he's created, called FLAG, The Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness. He started speaking about his gala he has coming up and I receive a text. Worried that it might be my son, who is babysitting the littles, I check it. Not him. Put my phone down, look back up, Mr. Adams is still talking about his event when he says' And Marybeth, I would like to invite you to come and sing that song at my event!' ........ The room erupts into applause. I look at my husband, who is grinning at me with what can only be described as pride. I was speechless? Was he joking? Was he actually serious?? Should I answer now? I look at Mr. Adams, who is also grinning at me and loudly reply, I would be honored! He said, Consider yourself invited!' WOWOWOWOW!!! And I thought my heart was pounding before!! This event is at Trump Hotel in Washington DC featuring Bill O'Reilly in April. Absolutely amazing. After the rest of his remarks(which again, I thoroughly enjoyed!) the even came to an end. I had many, many gracious people congratulate me and thank me for my song. I even set up another performance at another event in McCall, ID. Blown away. Absolutely blown away at the response I received!

I was able to speak with Nick and Sadie afterwards and as long as logistics work out, I will be there to sing at his gala and possibly other events he has in the works. Ya know, even if it doesn't work out, what an honor to even be invited! This was an evening to be remembered. And I will treasure it forever.

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