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Hum Drum of Life!

Well, shoot. I'm pretty bad at this blogging thing... Haha! Well, the performance with FLAG didn't happen. Bummer! The Trump Hotel wanted a whole lot of money for a piano to be moved in, so that was that. But that's ok! I got to believe for 6 whole days that I was going to sing at an amazing event! We'll see if anything comes in the future from those new acquaintances!

Since then, I was asked to co-write a song with my sister for her stakes Book of Mormon Trek in Provo, UT. And it's done! So much fun to write and such an amazing song! I get to go to the trek in end of June and see it performed! SO cool! And so excited!

Also, my beautiful sister gifted me a home studio recording set! So I've been recording and re-recording my songs! They sound so amazing! I've been able to arrange a couple songs with strings and it's so fun! I'm definitely learning a new part of my trade!

So, here's to recording everything with an in tune piano! Hooray! I just need to find the ability to walk away and not spend all my time with my new toys! <3

Hope y'all have a good weekend!


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