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I just got this site up and running and will be adding more and more music! I have many songs already written to add! I don't have recordings of many, so I will add the recordings as I'm able to record them! About the recordings, these are very raw and some are done using GarageBand on my phone! They are meant for you to hear the song and how it goes and are not perfect!! Far from it! So please forgive the imperfections :)


Check back often for new songs! I haven't figured out how to put download links for accompaniments. So, if you're looking for an accompaniment of a song, email me. And, as always, I love feedback! Please email me with your questions and/or comments! Thanks so much for perusing! I hope you find what you're looking for here!

Do you have some lyrics, written word or a poem you would like put to music?

Contact me!


If you appreciate the music, please consider donating! I I would appreciate it!



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