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The Heavenly Mother In Me

When I wrote, The Heavenly Mother in Me, it was from a place deep in my heart. I love being a mom. Sometimes, I can't believe that Heavenly Father trusted me with these amazing children of His, but I am SO grateful He did. It's the hardest job I've ever had, but definitely the most rewarding. There have been times when I knew what to do, times when I didn't, times I did the wrong thing, times I beat myself up for it, times when it all went right and beautifully, times when I was spitting mad, times when I laughed so hard I peed. I treasure every moment. It all goes by so quickly.


I've been finding the hardest part of mothering... letting go. No one told me that letting go would hit both ends of the spectrum. Elation that your child is alive and grown and responsible and ready to take on the world!! And a loving type of heartbreak, that they no longer need you for every day things, will never hold their little hand again because it's grown and now holding someone else's. The love never ends or diminishes, though. You long for days past, yet enjoy watching each success. And hope... always hope that you will hold a special place in their hearts, no matter where life takes them.


And this is where I'm at. Hoping my children know that I know I didn't/don't do it all right, but always try my best, give my best because I love them fiercely. So I will be happy in letting go, finding peace, mothering the little ones I have at home. And loving, ever loving, never stopping, for always.


The Heavenly Mother In Me - Ab

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